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How to Document Damages for Your Insurance Company

How to Document Damages for Your Insurance Company

Get Your Claim Approved Faster by Giving Your Insurer Everything They Need When you experience a natural or unnatural disaster, the stress doesn’t stop after the immediate emergency ends. You have to deal with restoration, repairs, and your insurance company before things can truly get back to normal. This can be a long and frustrating – Read Article –

What Qualifies as a Biohazard?

What Qualifies as a Biohazard?

Defining a Biohazard The term biohazard refers to waste with the potential to harm humans through disease or chemical damage. While some may think that biohazards are all organic in nature, artificial biohazards such as chemicals and needles do exist. Unlike other messes, biohazards require specialized training and equipment to effectively remove from your property. – Read Article –

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At All Dry Services, our restoration and cleanup specialists have experience working with all major insurance companies and are more than happy to assist you so we can make the process easier. Any time we perform an inspection, we will carefully document all of our findings so you can easily report the damage and necessary repairs on your claim.

Whether you need extensive restoration work or an odor removal service, we are happy to help. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

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