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Restoration Services After Smoke Damage

Although the most extensive form of smoke damage is usually the result of a fire, anything from accidentally using the fireplace with a closed flue to spilling something in a hot oven can send smoke permeating throughout your home or business.

Then, due to its ability to travel quickly and seep into things, removing smoke and smoke odor is a difficult endeavor. Rather than handling smoke damage on your own and risk exposing yourself to potential health risks, let the smoke damage restoration professionals at All Dry Services take care of the issue for you.

Restore my property from smoke damage

Health Risks from Smoke

Smoke is the result of a burning substance. While burning wood doesn’t pose any serious threats to your health, your home contains many materials that release toxic fumes as they burn. Examples of these items are anything made from plastic, electronics that contain mercury or other harmful chemicals, and even painted furniture or walls.

As you’re exposed to the smoke and breathe it in, it can cause:

  • Coughing or other respiratory problems
  • Dizziness
  • Damage to your immune system
  • Miscarriage
  • Reproductive health conditions
  • Cancer
  • Death

Children, pets, and the elderly tend to be more prone to respiratory health issues.

Professional Smoke Damage Restoration

Although opening the windows and airing out your property may seem to rid your home of smoke, this unfortunately doesn’t take care of everything. Because of smoke’s ability to travel and linger, the scent seeps into your walls, carpets, upholstery, and ceilings.

Why call a smoke damage professional?

As much as you attempt surface level cleaning, it just won’t cut it. At All Dry Services, our smoke damage restoration specialists have the proper equipment to safely and effectively rid your home of smoke. We only use deodorizing products that are safe and won’t leave any toxic residue when we’ve completed the job.

In addition to the smell, smoke can stain your possessions and often turns them yellow. What’s worse is that this process can occur gradually. Fortunately, our vast experience enables us to spot even the earliest signs of smoke damage so you won’t have to call us back for more work.

How does the smoke damage process work?

When we arrive at your property, we’ll begin with an initial assessment and report all of our findings to you. From there, we’ll discuss the steps it will take to effectively cleanse your house of any odors, stains, and damage, as well as what the total cost will be. Our smoke damage restoration prices are always upfront and honest.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with our Smoke Damage Restoration Services

At All Dry Services, we know that the longer you wait, the more difficult it is to remove smoke. That’s why we are available 24/7. You can rest easy knowing that we have the proper uniforms and equipment to safely rid your home of smoke and the damage it caused.

When you choose us, we get the job done right the very first time—guaranteed. What’s more is All Dry will handle the insurance claim process on your behalf.

Call us at (561) 220-6270 to schedule service or contact us online for an estimate. We offer both same-day and 24/7 smoke damage services.

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