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Just like a storm or fire can lead to extensive property damage, so can an untreated plumbing leak. Even if you have a small leak that you put off fixing, it can lead to costly repairs down the line. As insignificant as a leak may seem, it can lead to mold growth or eroded foundations that are more expensive to clean and fix. At All Dry Services, our IICRC certified Jupiter leak detection experts have the know-how and experience to tackle any leak.

When we show up, we guarantee we will get the job done right and leave you 100% satisfied. When we arrive at your property, we will perform an inspection and provide you with a free estimate.

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Signs You May Have a Leak

Many things can result in a leak within your plumbing system including worn out or corroded fixtures and your home’s foundation shifting. However, identifying the first signs of a leak will help prevent the problem from escalating and causing extensive property damage. While some symptoms of a leak are easy to spot, such as flooding, others are more subtle.

Call our leak detection experts if:

  • You notice water pooling around your property’s foundation
  • You notice wet spots or extra lush patches of grass in your yard
  • You spot water stains on your ceilings or walls
  • You realize your carpeting is damp or wet
  • You notice you have lower water pressure than normal
  • You hear running water even after shutting off your taps

How Our Leak Detection Team Identifies Leaks

Some leaks are easy to spot; however, some leaks occur in places that are hard to reach or get to. To perform thorough inspections of your property, our Jupiter leak detection specialists will use infrared imaging to inspect beneath your walls, ceilings, and foundation. This will help us catch slab leaks before they become serious matters.

Another tool we might use is an acoustic listening device. This tool allows us to hear any escaping water or dripping and are powerful enough to detect sound through a layer of concrete.

Heat scanners are great for pinpointing leaks. If you live in an area that’s too noisy or we suspect the leak is in a location that’s too deep for us to use our acoustic listening devices, we will resort to heat scanners. Because any escaping water causes a temperature shift, these tools will pinpoint those shifts and allow us to accurately find the location of the leak.

One of our most advanced and effective tools is a camera inspection. Using a high-definition camera that’s attached to a fiber optic cable, we will inspect your plumbing system while the camera relays real-time footage to a video monitor. This gives us the ability to assess the condition of your pipes as well as the location of the leak.

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