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Are you in need of fire damage restoration? All Dry Services is here to help. Watching your home become engulfed by flames is a traumatic and heartbreaking experience. You think about all that’s being damaged and all the property that you’ve lost. Worse, the tragedy doesn’t end when the fire has been put out. Oftentimes, a home is so badly damaged that a family becomes displaced and must seek shelter elsewhere. Fortunately, All Dry Services our Jupiter fire damage restoration experts can alleviate the financial and emotional burdens caused by such destruction. We know how vital prompt action is when it comes to limiting the amount of damage caused by a fire which is why we are available 24/7 and will arrive within hours of your call. All of our technicians are insured, background checked, and IICRC certified and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Let us help you return to your home as soon as possible. For fire damage restoration, call (561) 220-6270 or fill out our online request form.

The Effects of Fire Damage

Depending on the location, size, and severity of the fire, it can cause:

  • Cosmetic Damage: As a fire burns, the soot will stain ceilings, floors, walls, furniture, fabrics, and carpeting within just a few hours. Additionally, soot has the ability to corrode metals over time. Any items or surfaces made of wood will need to be refinished to remove the stains.
  • Structural Damage: While a large fire can cause significant structural damage to your roof and walls, the water used to extinguish the flames can also cause serious damage. Due to the highly pressurized blasts of water, your walls and framework can become severely weakened.
  • Destruction to Valuable or Irreplaceable Personal Items: It goes without saying that the emotional nature of watching your home be destroyed by flames increases when you realize all of your personal belongings, such as pictures, mementos, electronics, and collectibles that are damaged along with it.

Why Fire Damage Restoration Is Necessary

Even if you call 911 and the firefighters effectively put the fire out, it is still important that you call our All Dry fire damage restoration professionals right away. The sooner you call, the better we will be able to recover as much of your property as possible. Before you can safely return to your home, we must ensure that any structural damage has been repaired and that any toxic fumes left behind have been neutralized and deodorized.

The entire fire damage restoration process includes:

  • An initial inspection in which we asses the damage and provide you with a free, on-site estimate
  • Tarp and boarding of your property to protect it from further damage or pest infestation
  • Removal of any water or moisture due to fire extinguishers
  • Ridding your property of any debris caused by the fire
  • Cleaning and restoring anything stained by soot
  • Deodorizing your home using state-of-the-art equipment
  • Rebuilding and structural damage and restoring your property as close to its original condition as possible

We Work With Your Insurance Company

At All Dry Services, our fire restoration team understands that dealing with the aftermath of a fire is already a lot to handle. Trying to navigate the insurance claim process can make it even more difficult. Due to our seven years of experience, we’ve encountered numerous insurance companies and now possess the knowledge required to handle the process for you. We’re capable of working with any insurance company. Let us take one thing off your plate.

Our team of fire damage restoration experts cares about you and your property. Call us now at (561) 220-6270 for a job done right the first time.

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