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Water Damage Services

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Has a pipe burst, causing water to seep everywhere? Did you return home from vacation only to be greeted with standing water in your property? Has a recent heavy rainstorm led to flooding in your basement?

Regardless of the reason, any time you’re dealing with flooding on your property it can be devastating. Your valuable personal items and electronics may be at risk, water may be pooling throughout your property and causing more damage, and you might think that there’s nothing you can do.

Not all hope is lost. At All Dry Services, we care about your property and our flood damage restoration specialists will do everything in our power to leave your property better than we found it.

Water Damage Inspection

The water damage restoration process begins with an inspection: we will immediately dispatch a team of water removal experts who will arrive promptly and get to work performing an initial inspection of your property for a thorough and complete water damage restoration service.

In addition to determining the extent of the water damage service and what needs to be done to return your property to a safe and comfortable condition, we will also need to identify the type of water damage you’re dealing with.

We typically come across two types of water damage cleanup:

  • Clean Water
  • Black Water (containing toxic materials like human waste, grease, or soil)

The Dangers of Flood Damage

Whether you are dealing with clean or black water, there are numerous risks that make water extraction more of an emergency. First, black water can expose you to a multitude of risks, including:

  • E. coli and campylobacter that can be found in human waste
  • Parasites
  • Fungi spores that lead to mold growth
  • Endotoxins that cause respiratory symptoms such as coughing or infections

Additionally, as water continues to pool and moisture remains present, it will lead to rotting wood, rusting metal, and delamination of any composite building materials. This severely compromises your property’s structural integrity.

Professional Flood Restoration Process

Although it’s easy to see pooling water as the result of a flood, sometimes water damage or excess moisture within walls or your ceilings is not as easy to notice without the help of special tools from water restoration companies.

Moisture Detection: All Dry flood damage water damage restoration experts arrive equipped with moisture detectors so we can safely extract all of the extra water and moisture from your property.

Moisture Extraction: When we’ve finished the water mitigation process, we will next utilize dehumidifiers and deodorizers to safely dry the affected areas and ensure that any musty smell will dissipate.

Water Damage Repair: The final step of the water restoration process is to conduct any necessary repairs, including:

  • Patching any damaged drywall
  • Replacing baseboards
  • Painting
  • Installing new flooring

Electrical Hazards: In addition to having a streamlined process, we also know how to safely handle any electrical wires that have been exposed to water and ensure there won’t be any electrical hazards.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed with our Water Damage Restoration Services

At All Dry Services, we’re available 24/7 to assist customers who are dealing with urgent or emergency matters, like flooding or water damage. We’ll repair water damage in your home or business within hours, not days.

Our certified team will treat your property as if it is their own and have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our work. What’s more is All Dry will handle the insurance claim process on your behalf.

We offer both same-day and 24/7 emergency flood damage services. Call us at (561) 220-6270 to schedule service or contact us online for an estimate.

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