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Top Post-Disaster Dangers to Watch Out For

Top Post-Disaster Dangers to Watch Out For

A Disaster Compromises the Safety of Your Home

Whether it’s a small-scale emergency or a large-scale calamity, any disaster can wreak havoc on your home. Your first instinct will likely be to start cleaning up right away so that you and your loved ones can feel safe and secure in your home again, but before you get started, you need to know what the risks are. A disaster can introduce a lot of new hazards and dangers into your home, and before you re-enter your home to start your work, you need to know what you could be up against.

What You Need to Watch Out For

  • Damaged electrical wiring and circuits
  • Broken glass and splintered wood
  • Overturned furniture
  • Unstable or collapsing structures
  • Pests
  • Mold and pathogens
  • Potential gas leaks
  • Smoke

Safety Matters Most

Preserving the health and safety of your family is the number one priority after any disaster or emergency. It is extremely important to understand the potential threats that could be lurking in damaged areas and exercise all available precautions when attempting to clean up, retrieve items, or even just move around. If you believe your home may be unsafe to work in, lack the proper safety equipment, or have concerns about its structural stability, DO NOT attempt to return to it.

Take All Available Precautions:

  • Wear proper footwear
  • Use protective gear like gloves, goggles, and a hard hat
  • Wear a mask to avoid inhaling dangerous substances
  • Wear rubber boots and gloves if flooding is involved
  • Exercise caution when lifting heavy objects or using power tools

Call the Professionals Right Away

The minute disaster strikes, the best thing to do is call a professional disaster response team. Not only are experts like our team at All Dry Services fully trained and equipped with the best safety procedures and equipment available, but we have extensive experience restoring homes, retrieving valuables, and working with insurers to get your claim filed. Plus, as emergency response professionals, we’re available 24/7 to help you the minute you need us.

Call All Dry Services at (561) 220-6270 when you need to restore your home to its former safety and comfort!

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Let Us Handle The Hassle

At All Dry Services, our restoration and cleanup specialists have experience working with all major insurance companies and are more than happy to assist you so we can make the process easier. Any time we perform an inspection, we will carefully document all of our findings so you can easily report the damage and necessary repairs on your claim.

Whether you need extensive restoration work or an odor removal service, we are happy to help. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

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