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What to Do After a Hurricane

What to Do After a Hurricane

Make Sure Your Home is Still in Shape After a Storm

Even if you’re prepared for a hurricane, severe storms can still damage your property and leave behind a big mess for you to clean up. When you step outside the morning after a storm, seeing what’s left behind can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the restoration experts at All Dry Services are here to help you with simple post-storm tricks to help you check for damages and get your home up and running again.

Check Your Appliances

First thing’s first – make sure that your electrical panel is still working, and that your outdoor air conditioner hasn’t been damaged. Make sure nothing is damp and that all water and gas lines are intact and leak-free. If everything’s stayed dry and there are no signs of damage, turn your appliances back on carefully, one by one. If your appliances, panel, or HVAC system have been exposed to water, or if anything seems unusual, stop immediately and contact an electrician. Working appliances are essential to your home, but they’re not worth compromising your safety.

Evaluate Your Surroundings

Check your property inside and out for debris, pools of water, and other signs of damage. Ask yourself – can you stay in your home, or will you need to secure safer lodgings for your family? Have any of your possessions gone missing? Make a note of any damages or losses your facing and find out if you’ll need to call any contractors to get things fixed.

Check Every Major Part of Your Home, Including:

  • Your roof
  • Your windows and doors
  • Your yard
  • Your siding
  • Any exposed piping

Remember to take pictures of everything – if you need to file an insurance claim, you’ll need to document the damage.

Be on the Lookout for Mold

A severe storm can turn your entire home into a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. In the immediate aftermath of a storm, you’ll need to make a note of where you find any water damage and make sure things get dried out fast. In the coming days or weeks, make sure that mold doesn’t grow in these places. Even if it seems like a little mold on your windowsill or in your yard isn’t that big of a deal, spores can easily become airborne and your family could breathe them in.

Remember – Safety Comes First

Always use proper protective equipment when navigating your property after a storm. Gloves, waterproof boots, and helmets can protect you from debris and bacteria, so don’t forget to use them! Additionally, you should always wait until morning to begin your post-hurricane routine. If you don’t have visibility, you can miss signs of damage or hurt yourself on unseen hazards.

At All Dry Services, our restoration team is always ready to help you recover quickly and safely. We provide services to restore your home after water damage, mold infestation, and more! Call (561) 220-6270 today to learn more.

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Let Us Handle The Hassle

At All Dry Services, our restoration and cleanup specialists have experience working with all major insurance companies and are more than happy to assist you so we can make the process easier. Any time we perform an inspection, we will carefully document all of our findings so you can easily report the damage and necessary repairs on your claim.

Whether you need extensive restoration work or an odor removal service, we are happy to help. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you’re in capable hands.

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