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All Dry Is The Premier Mold Removal Company Servicing Warwick, Rhode Island. Our top-notch professionals are experienced and certified in mold remediation, mold clean up, and black mold removal. Our goal is to rid clients homes of harmful mold and provide them with a safe, healthy, and mold-free environment.

As a certified mold removal company, our mission is to help you eliminate and isolate present and potential mold hazards in your home. All Dry prides itself on being supportive, time-efficient, and dedicated to top-quality mold removal service. Our experienced technicians provide effective and professional mold removal solutions, tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

At All Dry, we recognize the dangers posed by mold contamination in homes. Left unchecked, it can cause serious respiratory problems, as well as structural damage to walls, ceilings, and floors. Its spores can cause asthma and other allergic reactions, and it can even threaten your home’s structural integrity. That’s why our experienced team is dedicated to comprehensive mold removal and remediation services.

Our specialists are certified to handle all types of mold, from the smallest patches to large and hazardous areas of contamination. We will evaluate the property to determine the source and extent of the infestation, and then create an individually tailored remediation plan. We can also address any water damage that may be the source of the mold issues that you are facing in your home.

Plus, we have years of experience and expertise in black mold removal. Black mold is an especially dangerous type of mold that can cause a range of severe health problems, from skin irritation to respiratory distress. During the removal process, our technicians take painstaking precautions to ensure the safety of our clients.

We are proud to offer our clients comprehensive mold removal services. When it comes to eliminating mold contamination, our years of experience, together with our go-getter attitude, and exceptional customer service, make us the best choice for your mold removal needs.

If you’re in the Warwick, Rhode Island, area, contact All Dry for your mold removal services today. We’re committed to providing our customers with fast, friendly, and prompt mold remediation.


Mold is a type of fungi that can be found growing in many homes in Warwick, RI. It can grow in a variety of areas, such as walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture, and other materials. Mold growth can cause numerous health problems such as respiratory issues, skin irritations, and allergies. This is why it’s so important for home and business owners in Warwick, RI to be aware of the causes of mold growth and take the necessary steps to prevent it.

The most common cause of mold growth in a home is moisture. Mold requires a moist environment to survive and thrive, which can be caused by excessive humidity, water leaks, and standing water. Humidity can build up in the air due to inadequate ventilation, which causes constantly damp surfaces that mold can start to grow on. Leaks from plumbing or HVAC systems can also create an environment that is hospitable for mold due to the mixture of moisture and organic materials that are present. Lastly, standing water can occur due to poor drainage or flooding, which can ultimately lead to severe mold growth if not addressed quickly.

Another common cause of mold growth in a home is lack of maintenance. Over time, the area of a home can become overlooked, and neglected areas become areas of concern when it comes to mold. Things such as vent cleaning, gutter cleaning, and regular maintenance of the HVAC system should be performed in order to keep mold at bay within the home.

In Warwick, RI, mold can also be caused by negative air pressure, or poor ventilation. Negative air pressure is caused by a lack of air filtration in the home and can create an environment that is conducive to the growth of mold due to the accumulation of allergens, dust, and debris which mold can feed off of. This can result in a musty odor in the home and severe mold growth.

Finally, food and pet waste can also lead to mold growth in a home. Food scraps left in the sink or garbage can can create a moist environment that mold can thrive in. Similarly, pet waste can do the same as the blend of urine, feces, and organic material create an environment that is optimal for significant mold growth.

At All Dry, we strive to keep Warwick, RI homes and businesses free from mold. We believe the best way to do this is by not only providing mold remediation services, but also helping our clients understand the causes of mold growth and how to prevent it. By being aware of the causes mentioned above, Warwick, RI home and business owners can take the necessary steps to ensure their home remains mold-free.


All Dry is the most reputable mold removal company servicing Warwick, Rhode Island. We have many years of experience providing top-notch professional mold removal services to our community. While do-it-yourself mold removal can seem like a cost-effective option for some, DIY mold removal is generally not recommended for mold problems, no matter how big or small they may seem.

DIY mold removal can often be more expensive than hiring a professional service to take care of the mold. Since mold removal requires a range of products and equipment, novice mold removers may go through multiple trial and error phases with the potential of wasting money along the way. Whereas professional mold removers can quickly and accurately identify the proper process for removing the mold.

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  • "I was so pleased with the service."
    "I was so pleased with the service. Right on time and very courteous. They did exactly what they said they would no hidden agenda it was the best experience"
    - Lisa grant
  • "I am very impressed by the work done for us by the All Dry team!"
    "I am very impressed by the work done for us by the All Dry team! They were quick to respond, knowledgeable, careful and made sure that the work was done thoroughly. Highly recommend them."
    - Betsy
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Mold can be a worrisome problem in homes and businesses, and can cause a variety of health issues for those who live in and enter such spaces. At All Dry, a mold removal company based in Warwick, Rhode Island, we understand the importance of preventing mold growth from occurring in the home. To help keep your space free from mold, we believe in developing long-term strategies for mold prevention. Follow these tips to prevent mold from taking hold in your home or business.

  • Keep the Humidity Level Low: High humidity levels create the perfect environment for mold growth. Don’t allow any area in your home or business to be overly humid. Be sure to have exhaust fans running in the kitchen and bathroom after showers to reduce steam. Damp, dark areas should be kept at a relative humidity of below 50% as much as possible.
  • Improve Airflow: Poor air circulation can allow moisture to build up in certain areas, creating prime conditions for mold growth. Make sure all areas of your home or business have good airflow. Open windows periodically and use fans to increase air circulation.
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