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In Pawtucket County, Pawtucket, Rhode Island is home to just over 71,000 people. In addition to its rich history, it features several historic buildings and sites, such as Slater Mill, the country’s oldest textile mill powered by water. Several parks are also located in Pawtucket, including Slater Memorial Park. Museums, galleries, and performing arts venues abound in the city, as well. As a livable and diverse city, Pawtucket offers its residents a wonderful place to live.


Water damage repairs should only be handled by an IICRC-Certified professional, even though many homeowners and businesses prefer to handle them themselves. Cleaning up water damage on your own carries several risks that should not be ignored.

Water can pose a threat to your home, business, and belongings if you leave it behind. In order to remove all water and prevent further damage, we use equipment such as dehumidifiers and industrial fans.

Mold can grow if water damage is not repaired and water is not removed correctly. As well as causing property damage, mold can also cause health problems. When water damage restoration begins within 24 hours of exposure, a mold infestation can be avoided.

As a result of water damage, people may also become ill or injured. Building materials in your home or business can deteriorate and degrade when exposed to water. Therefore, inspecting the area and being aware of any hazards is essential before entering or working there. Water can also cause electric shock if it gets into electrical appliances and wiring inside walls.

Contaminants in water can cause infections and illnesses. It is important to take precautions regardless of where you believe the water came from when performing water removal. Chemicals, human waste, bacteria, or allergens may contaminate water. When handling water damage, it is important to avoid cross-contamination. It is important to wear protective gear and equipment.  To ensure that no one is negatively impacted by water damage cleanup, you need a team of water damage service professionals who know how to work safely.


For those who have experienced water damage in Pawtucket, RI, All Dry offers excellent water restoration services. Taking care of water damage restoration with the help of our water damage restoration service experts as soon as possible will prevent more extensive damage. Water damage restoration projects of any size can be handled by our team of professionals. Stop water damage from affecting your life and your daily routine now. To get started, get in touch with All Dry right away.

As soon as you know, or suspect, that your home or business has experienced water damage that you may not be able to handle on your own, it is time to contact All Dry. This can be a daunting task and you do not have to take it on by yourself. Contact the professionals at All Dry with over a decade of repairing water damage in Pawtucket, RI today!


There are also many shops and restaurants along Pawtucket’s main streets, giving the city a small-town feel. Several new businesses and restaurants have opened up and thrived in Pawtucket’s downtown district in recent years. Parks in the city include Slater Memorial Park, a popular outdoor recreation spot, and the Seekonk River Walk, a scenic walking trail.

From Providence, Pawtucket is easily accessible, as are many other nearby cities. As a livable, diverse city with a rich history, vibrant downtown district, and beautiful parks, Pawtucket offers an excellent quality of life to its residents.

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    "I was so pleased with the service. Right on time and very courteous. They did exactly what they said they would no hidden agenda it was the best experience"
    - Lisa grant
  • "I am very impressed by the work done for us by the All Dry team!"
    "I am very impressed by the work done for us by the All Dry team! They were quick to respond, knowledgeable, careful and made sure that the work was done thoroughly. Highly recommend them."
    - Betsy
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