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A property that has experienced water damage can be restored to its pre-loss condition through the process of water damage restoration. All Dry is a renowned water damage restoration business that takes pleasure in offering superior customer care. Our team of highly qualified and experienced specialists is on call around-the-clock to handle any emergency involving water damage.

Our water damage restoration technique at All Dry is thorough and effective. To stop additional damage and mold growth, we first examine the damage and contain the affected areas. To ensure that all water and moisture are eliminated, our professionals use specialized drying equipment and techniques to remove any standing water. We also have the most up-to-date moisture detection technology, which enables us to accurately identify and treat the damaged areas.

We at All Dry are aware of the daunting and stressful nature of coping with water damage. Because of this, we work hard to give our clients the finest customer care possible and support them at every stage of the water damage restoration procedure. We are dedicated to delivering top-notch service and total client satisfaction.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with All Dry if you require services for water damage restoration. We can assist you in restoring your property to its pre-loss condition and provide a free consultation. Give us a call right away, and we’ll help you get your life back to normal!


We can design every task we conduct depending on the specific requirements of our clients because water damage repair is a complex operation that demands customized solutions for every client. For most of the projects we take on, we will typically follow a set procedure to guarantee that the damage is fully repaired.


If water is still entering your property, it is imperative that we identify and stop the source so that we can stop more water damage from happening while we work on your property.


Once the source of the water has been located, we will decide what safety measures must be implemented during the water damage restoration process and make sure they are followed to the letter. Water removal is a crucial step in the restoration of water damage. Our staff is equipped with all the required tools to make sure the restoration procedure goes smoothly.


There is a risk of water damage if water is left behind in construction materials, furniture, personal possessions, or even in the air. Even a small amount of moisture from water damage can result in an assortment of kinds of harm. Our staff will make sure that after drying and dehumidifying the room, all moisture and humidity levels are returned to normal with the aid of sophisticated equipment and monitoring instruments.


Regardless of whether the water that caused your damage was clean or not, this step is essential. It eliminates pollutants and stops the development of bacteria and mold.

Since we perform water restoration work on a daily basis, we can give you the best service imaginable. You can rely on us to always do a superb job because we have been repairing water damage for almost ten years.


All Dry is committed to assisting our customers in maintaining the dryness of their homes following water damage. We provide advice on how to prevent water damage because it is crucial to take preventative actions to secure your property.

It’s essential to regularly inspect your plumbing if you want to avoid water damage. This entails checking for leaks in all of the pipes, faucets, and toilets. It is essential to address leaks as soon as they are discovered in order to stop damage from happening. If you periodically check the seals around your pipes and faucets, replace old or worn pipes, and take other preventative measures, you can completely avoid a leak and the water damage that it may cause.

It’s important to inspect your roof and gutters for damage as well. Check for cracked or missing roof tiles and make sure your gutters are unblocked. Additionally, keep an eye out for damage to the openings of your home, because windows and doors can serve as water entrance points. It’s critical that you remedy any damage you notice quickly to stop water from entering your home and creating additional harm.

Additionally, you need to look for foundation and basement water damage in your house or place of business. Act right away if you notice cracks, seepage, or water stains. To stop future harm, you must take immediate action if you see any of these things. Examining the drainage system near the foundation of your house is also necessary. If you don’t already have one, install a sump pump to stop flooding in your basement.

Last but not least, you should implement water-saving habits in your household, such as shutting off the water when you leave the house and avoiding using the dishwasher or washing machine while you are away. Additionally, you need to frequently check for leaks in your water heater. Being present while the water is running may help prevent water damage, which frequently results from domestic mishaps.

You can avoid water damage to your property by using the strategies mentioned above. To make sure the issue is handled correctly and the property is returned to its prior state as quickly as possible, you should still get in touch with a qualified water damage repair business as soon as you notice any water damage.


Customers of All Dry, which serves Newport, Rhode Island, and the neighboring areas, frequently inquire with us about whether mold usually appears after water damage. Even though mold starts to grow 24 to 48 hours after water damage, a number of things might affect its development. After a water damage event, mold does not always grow, but time is a crucial factor.

Mold development is influenced by the degree of water damage and the speed at which it is dried out. If the water damage is small and the area is restored quickly, mold may not have the chance to grow. On the other hand, if the water damage is significant and ignored, mold growth is more likely. Implementing improper water restoration techniques after water damage has occurred can also lead to mold growth, which is why it is so important to trust a team of IICRC-Certified professionals.

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  • "I was so pleased with the service."
    "I was so pleased with the service. Right on time and very courteous. They did exactly what they said they would no hidden agenda it was the best experience"
    - Lisa grant
  • "I am very impressed by the work done for us by the All Dry team!"
    "I am very impressed by the work done for us by the All Dry team! They were quick to respond, knowledgeable, careful and made sure that the work was done thoroughly. Highly recommend them."
    - Betsy
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One of the most crucial services we do in Newport, Rhode Island, is water damage restoration. To assist your home or place of business in recovering from water damage, we provide a number of water damage services. All Dry offers free quotes, first-rate services, and water damage cleaning and mold eradication.

We pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. Our team is very informed and skilled, and we take great pleasure in quickly and effectively restoring order to your home or place of business. All Dry makes sure that our employees are knowledgeable about the most recent restoration techniques in order to guarantee that your property will be restored to its full potential.

Anytime you require immediate help, you can rely on All Dry. We make sure that the restoration procedure is easy and advances smoothly because we are dedicated to giving our customers the best support possible. All Dry offers top-notch services and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, making us the finest option for repairing water damage.

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