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If you are in need of water damage cleanup in Lexington, MA, or the surrounding area, All Dry is the company you should call. Our team of professionals is committed to quickly and affordably returning properties to their pre-loss state. We are experts in mold removal, water damage repair, water removal, and more.

All Dry is dedicated to giving our customers the best possible service. To guarantee that all of our services are completed swiftly and effectively with the least amount of disturbance to our clients’ lives, we use the most contemporary technology and equipment. Our team of qualified, trained specialists is on call around-the-clock to handle any emergency involving water damage.

Our staff has the knowledge and skills necessary to determine the cause of the water damage and determine how much damage has been done. We will create a strategy to repair the property with the appropriate tools, methods, and supplies.

We are aware that water damage can happen at any moment, often without prior notice. All Dry is dedicated to provide our clients prompt, dependable service for this reason. We are ready around-the-clock to respond to any inquiries and assist you in beginning the water restoration process.

From the first evaluation to the complete water damage cleanup, our staff is skilled and competent in all facets of water damage restoration. We determine the best line of action to restore the property using the most recent technologies to locate the cause of the water damage.

At All Dry, we recognize the value of providing a secure, dry, and healthy atmosphere for our clients. We are dedicated to giving our clients the best possible water damage service. We take great pleasure in our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee on all of our services.

We are happy to assist you with your needs for water damage restoration. Our staff is accessible at all times to address questions, offer water restoration services, and guarantee the security and wellbeing of your residence or place of business. We appreciate that you choose All Dry, and we’re looking forward to working with you.


At All Dry, we take pride in providing the most thorough and efficient water damage repair methods out there. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution for water damage, so our dedicated water damage cleanup experts will custom-tailor the best solution for you. In general, there are four essential elements that make up our procedure, which guarantees the greatest result for our clients.

Finding the leak’s source is the first stage in the All Dry water damage restoration process. To guarantee that we correctly locate the cause of the water damage, we use innovative equipment like moisture detectors and infrared cameras. This is a crucial step since it enables us to deal with the problem appropriately and avoid experiencing additional damage throughout the water damage repair process.

Water removal is the second phase of water damage restoration. We use a range of methods and tools to get rid of any standing water. These techniques guarantee prompt and effective water removal.

The third part of the procedure involves drying and dehumidifying the space once water removal has been completed. To make sure the space is totally dry and devoid of moisture, we employ powerful fans and dehumidifiers. This stops the growth of mold and mildew, restores healthy humidity levels, and guarantees that your property is returned to its original state.

Cleaning and sanitizing the area is the last stage in the All Dry water damage repair procedure. We remove any residual water and debris and disinfect the area with a range of solutions and cleaning agents to stop the growth of bacteria and other hazardous microbes.

At All Dry, we are dedicated to giving our clients the best water damage repair service imaginable. We are proud of our thorough procedure and dedication to provide the highest quality water damage restoration services and customer support. Our aim is to assist our clients in restoring their property as fast and effectively as we can to its pre-damaged state.


One of the most frequent and harmful issues that homeowners deal with is water damage. It may result in significant structural damage, the formation of mold, and even health issues for the occupants of the house. It’s essential that you are aware of the warning signs of water damage and act right away if you think you could have an issue.

When it comes to water damage, All Dry knows how crucial it is to act quickly, and we’re here to help. We specialize in water damage restoration and have first-hand experience with the devastation that water damage can cause. We wish to assist you in safeguarding your house and your family by assisting you in recognizing the early warning signs of water damage.

Discoloration on walls, ceilings, and other surfaces is one of the first indications of water damage to look out for. It may be a symptom of water damage if you see any yellow, brown, or greenish stains. Additionally, paint, wallpaper, or other surfaces that are bubbling, peeling, or cracking might be signs of water damage.

The presence of musty smells in your house may potentially indicate water damage. These smells are typically a sign of mold, which can be brought on by water damage. Additionally, any standing water in your house is a surefire indication of water damage and has to be repaired immediately.

Pests are another indicator of water damage. It may indicate water damage if you see an increase in pests like ants, cockroaches, or other bugs. Pests are more likely to be drawn to water and establish a habitat in the home when water damage is present.

Last but not least, any increases in your energy costs might indicate water damage. Pipes might leak as a result of water damage, raising water costs. Investigate to see whether water damage is to blame if you notice any significant variations in your energy expenses.

At All Dry, we are aware of how critical it is to recognize water damage early on. Your home will sustain less damage and the cost of repairs will decrease the faster you respond. Contact our experts at All Dry for a thorough evaluation and water damage restoration services if you think you may have water damage. We are here to keep your residence dry and safe.


One of the most frequently asked questions when a property has water damage is “Does water damage get worse over time?” As a water damage repair business, All Dry can say that untreated water damage may worsen over time, which is why it’s critical to take early action and get in touch with an expert.

The first thing to bear in mind is that water damage is progressive, implying that if it is not handled, it will worsen over time. The materials in your home, such drywall, plaster, and wood, can deteriorate if water gets in them. Additionally, the afflicted area may start to smell musty and mold and germs may start to proliferate. Untreated water damage can weaken your home’s foundation and create structural damage, which can result in more significant and time-consuming issues.

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Real Stories From REAL CLIENTS
  • "Thank you Patrick and your team"
    "Patrick and his team were very prompt in their response, professional, answered all of my many, many questions, and they worked very hard to find the source of the ceiling leak. Thank you for helping us! I highly recommend Alldry to any one ..."
    - WS Geier
  • "Referrals"
    "As owner of Grim Reaper Pest Solutions, I have the opportunity to refer All Dry Services. I only refer All Dry because of their excellence, integrity and response time. All Dry is Fantastic!"
    - Robert Lauser
  • "Flooded Basement"
    "Brian Thomas did a great job remediating 3 inches standing water in our mostly finished basement. He worked with our insurance company and submitted all the documentation needed. This was the first time anything like this ever happened to ..."
    - Dawn Eng
  • "Excellent service!"
    "We had a leak running under our tiles in the kitchen and we could not figure out the source. Ryan Trahant came out within three hours of my initial call and located the leak in less than 30 minutes. Not only was he able to find the source ..."
    - Laurie Holder
  • "We generated enough jobs to exceed our break even for the first month by nearly 100%"
    "I just wanted to let you all know that through yesterday evening, my 6th day in business, we generated enough jobs to exceed our break even for the first month by nearly 100%. I am amazed...Thank you for creating this opportunity."
    - Tim Belisle Owner, All Dry Services of East Tennessee
  • "I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to help me begin this journey."
    "The highest praise I can give the training and onboarding I received with the team at All Dry is this; I was able to come from a place of very limited knowledge regarding the mold and water restoration industry and build my business into a ..."
    - Jim Wessel Owner, All Dry Services of Rostraver
  • "Professionals That Care"
    "After our home was damaged, it was a devastating experience for me and my family. My first, call after filing a claim, was to a restoration company. My understanding, these companies operate on a rotating basis. All Dry contacted me the ..."
    - Ed Mullin
  • "Major League vs T ball"
    "My office was damaged by a flood from a neighboring suite. All Dry came and had the walls opened and drying immediately. Another company went next door. The difference between All Dry and the others was major league vs T ball. The other ..."
    - Bruce Stevens
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In Lexington, Massachusetts, our business provides a comprehensive range of water damage repair services, including mold removal. Before the restoration process gets started, All Dry gives free estimates for all of our services so you may feel at ease and assured.

We take pride in providing exceptional customer service. Our team is highly reputable and locally recommended. Our staff has extensive training in the area of water damage, and they take great satisfaction in quickly and effectively restoring your home or place of business. All Dry makes sure that its staff is knowledgeable in the newest and most efficient restoration processes so that your property may be returned to its full potential.

Working with All Dry ensures that you will always receive prompt support. Since we want to provide our customers the best experience possible, we make sure that the water restoration procedure runs smoothly and is simple for our clients. All Dry is the finest option thanks to our great customer care and superior water restoration services offered to the people of Lexington, MA.

Your demands will always be met quickly by our staff. Even on holidays and weekends, we are available around-the-clock. We are aware that water damage can occur at any time, and that acting swiftly might be crucial. When you deal with us, we will work with you every step of the way, and your residence or place of business will be handled with the greatest of care. When it comes to what you need for water damage restoration, choose All Dry instead of just any water damage restoration business. Give All Dry a call right away if your property has had water damage and you require our expert water damage restoration services.

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