Does Water Damage Get Worse Over Time?

Water damage can result in a range of problems, including mold, rot, and structural damage. The damage caused by water should be addressed as soon as possible because if left untreated, it could worsen over time. Depending on the type of water, the amount of moisture present, and the environment in which the damage occurs, water can cause varying amounts of damage.

All Dry is here to provide you with any water damage restoration services you may need. We have multiple locations, each that offer 24/7 emergency services all year round. Our certified technicians will develop a unique plan in order to make sure all aspects of the water restoration job are handled properly and to meet your specific needs. Here is some insight into the effects of leaving water damage untreated, and some of the steps we will take as your trusted water damage restoration team in order to mitigate the damage. 

drying out an unfinished home with dryers


It is important to act immediately when there is water damage. The problem can quickly worsen if left untreated. Finding and stopping the source of the water is the first step. You may need to repair a leaky roof, replace broken pipes, or deal with a flooded basement. Having identified and stopped the source, the area must be dried out. Fan use, dehumidifier use, and removing wet carpets and other materials can help.

It is important to assess any damage caused by the water once the area has been dried out. The inspection can include checking for signs of mold, rot, and structural damage. In homes with high moisture levels, mold can grow quickly and cause health issues for residents. Building materials can be weakened by rot, making them more prone to further damage. The damage to a building’s structural elements can range from warping flooring to weakening load-bearing walls.

The best way to prevent water damage from getting worse is to call on your water damage restoration team at All Dry. When water damage is present within a home or business, it is always recommended to work with a team of experts who are experienced in the field of water damage in order to get the job done properly and entirely. This will also eliminate the need of putting yourself at risk of coming into contact with contaminated water, or facing an injury.

By contacting a water restoration company right away, you are eliminating the possibility of future damage, including:

  • Extensive structural damage
  • The growth of mold and mildew
  • Physical symptoms and side effects of water damage exposure and mold exposure
  • Contamination
  • The loss of your personal belongings due to extensive damage from exposure to water or moisture
  • Unhealthy humidity levels within your home or business
  • Lingering odors

Water damage can be uncomfortable to live with, especially for long periods of time. We understand that your home or business should be a fresh and welcoming environment in order for you to fully enjoy it. That is why our team at All Dry offers 24/7 emergency services. We offer prompt service and customer care and will return your home or business back to its former glory as quickly as possible. In order to prevent further damage, water damage restoration should be addressed within 24 hours of the incident that caused it. Don’t wait, contact All Dry now.