Water Damage After Hurricanes

At All Dry, we have several locations around Florida including Tequesta and Jupiter. We are specialists in water damage restoration in any situation, but we understand that in Florida, after Hurricane Ian, there may be an additional need for water damage assistance. If you have experienced direct water damage from Hurricane Ian or suspect that you may have lasting damage caused by the storm, call All Dry so we can make sure there isn’t any potentially permanent damage to the structure of your home or business.

flooder trailer park

At All Dry, since 2014 we have expected the unexpected and have been available 24/7 to come to your property and be a source of help. In Florida, our hurricane season stretches to the end of November and, as we saw with Hurricane Ian, some of these storms are larger and stronger than we have seen in previous years. At All Dry, we are prepared to help you if you find yourself affected by one of these storms.


When you’re not sure what to do after damage from a storm, you can always call All Dry with locations servicing many locations across Florida. Your home or business may have been affected by several aspects of the storm…

Windows: You may have experienced damage to your windows, which All Dry is prepared to repair or replace to prevent pests from entering your home and causing further damage.

Roofing: Many people experience roof damage after a hurricane that have wind speeds like those of Hurricane Ian. If your roof has experienced a direct hit from an object like a fallen tree or hail, you should contact a professional like All Dry to make sure the integrity of the roof is unaffected. Additionally, if you notice missing shingles or leaks in the home, it’s vital to handle these as soon as possible to prevent potentially permanent water damage and the growth of mold, which can cause more potentially major damage to your property.

Safety: If you have experienced water damage from a storm, it’s key to remember that all water damage does not have the same severity. Some water, like fresh rainwater and a leaking water line, may have exposed your home or business to fresh water. If you have experienced something like a flood, however, your property may have incurred serious water damage from a toxic source. Flood water is considered “black water” which means it may contain contaminants and sewage that may immediately risk the health of people who come in contact with it. All water exposure should be handled as soon as possible, but remember that all water exposure is not the same and some may expose you to immediate health risks.

window with condensation


If your home or business has been exposed to water damage from a storm like Hurricane Ian, remember that All Dry is servicing areas in Florida and has expertise in these cleanups. We are experts in returning your property to how you remembered it before a storm, so don’t go through the restoration process alone and let All Dry help you get your home or business back to normal!