Water Damage After A Hurricane

Natural disasters are common in many areas, and hurricanes and floods are the most common on the east coast. The U.S. has suffered many hurricanes, and today, they are becoming more powerful. On average, hurricanes and tropical storms make landfall on the east coast every year. The All Dry team hopes that you will never have to deal with water damage to your home or business if you are ever affected by a natural disaster. However, should you ever need assistance dealing with water damage to your home or business, we are here to help. We are entering hurricane season, and it is important to know some information about water damage from hurricanes, as well as that our company services a wide range of areas if you ever need help.

flooded staircase


When there is a severe event such as a tropical storm or hurricane, it is not advisable to simply open your windows in order to completely remove water damage in your home. It’s important that you contact a company like All Dry for an inspection if you are uncertain if you have incurred water damage. There are several ways in which your home could have suffered water damage; storm surge flooding, wind-driven rain, and plumbing leaks can all cause damage.

couple taking photos of water damage and catching water

The most important thing you need to do when you experience water damage to your floor is to thoroughly dry it. If you have a carpeted floor and notice that it is damp, you need to take immediate steps to dry the carpet thoroughly. In more extreme situations, it may be necessary to completely remove the carpeting so that it can be dried all the way down to the floor base. There is a possibility that you will notice a wavy effect on your wood floor when it is damaged by water, often referred to as cupping. It is a clear sign that your floor is damaged by water. It is almost certain that the flooring you have needs to be repaired or replaced. If you have a tile floor, you should look for deteriorated grout, cracks, or gaps in the floor.

It is extremely important to check for roof leaks because the underside of a roof and the attic are extremely likely to rot and be infested with mold. As a result of the combination of high-speed winds, possibly damaged roof tiles, and not 100% water-tight homes, make sure you don’t notice any unwanted water in your attic during the storm. Several hazards may arise from this situation, including electrical fires due to the wiring in many home’s attics, as well as possible leaks into the ceiling of the home, which can result in water spots on the ceiling as well as permanent damage to the ceiling.

In the event that there is water damage, it is usually in the form of gray water (water with some bacteria in it, or water that went down the shower drain or kitchen sink) or black water (inherently unsafe and often contaminated with human waste).


Whether your property has been damaged by a storm, or you need partial restoration of the structure or even a complete reconstruction of your building, All Dry can help. If your property has been damaged by a storm, do not hesitate to contact All Dry 24/7 for emergency services.