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Water damage to a home or business often leaves people unsure of what to do. All Dry offers comprehensive, expert, and timely water damage restoration services. Once you contact All Dry, we will inspect the damage as soon as possible. Besides describing the damage, we will also alert you to any possible safety risks. The planning process can begin once this has been assessed.

Following the development of a restoration plan, All Dry begins the restoration process. Identifying the source of water and preventing more water from entering your home or business is the first step. All standing water will be quickly and efficiently removed from the property using specialized equipment. We strive to minimize your losses as much as possible. Using industrial fans, dehumidifiers, and other equipment, we’ll dry and dehumidify your home or business and begin the process of water removal.


There are several risks associated with water damage and the water restoration process that is often overlooked. Considering these possibilities, you can easily see why you should always hire an IICRC-Certified professional to handle this task. A few examples of common risks are as follows:


Everything that comes into contact with water affects it. Bacteria, chemicals, raw sewage, allergens, and other harmful substances can pollute even clean water once the water has come into contact with these contaminants. Water removal requires the use of protective equipment and equipment as well as the cleaning and sanitization of the affected area in order to prevent illness or infection. You can rest assured knowing that with All Dry on the job, you will minimize your exposure to these potentially harmful substances and be left with a safe environment.


Leaving any moisture or water behind or performing the water damage service incorrectly can result in considerable damage. There are many damage-causing effects caused by water, including warping of the floorboards, drywall, and ceiling, cracks in the foundation, electrical damage, and mold growth.


It is possible to grow mold and mildew rapidly if your property has been damaged by water. For mold growth to be prevented, water damage should be addressed promptly (ideally within 24 hours of exposure).


It is well known that electricity and water do not mix. In the event of water entering your home or business, many electrical appliances and wiring may become exposed to water, posing a risk of electrical shock. Your home’s or business’s materials can be weakened by water, resulting in collapses and other dangerous situations. It is also possible for water to significantly damage the building materials in your home, which can lead to the need for extensive repairs on top of the possibility of injury to those within the property.


Don’t allow water damage to cause a stressful situation for you any longer. We completely understand that your health, mental well-being, and daily life can be negatively affected by water damage. We can help if you have water damage in your Warwick, RI home or business. The All Dry emergency service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year. For water damage restoration services, contact us today.

The dynamic and historic city of Warwick, Rhode Island is just south of Providence. An important metropolis in Providence, it is one of the oldest and most populous cities. From Narragansett Bay’s beaches to Apponaug’s historic buildings, Warwick offers a wide variety of attractions.

Many historical sites and attractions can be found in the historic city of Warwick. One of the most popular attractions in Warwick is the Warwick Museum, which displays the city’s diverse history. In addition to Revolutionary War artifacts, the museum displays exhibits on the city’s industrial, political, and cultural history.

There are also a number of parks and green spaces in Warwick, including Goddard Memorial State Park and Warwick City Park. Among the activities available here are fishing, hiking, biking, and boating. Aside from that, Warwick has some of Rhode Island’s most beautiful beaches, including Scarborough State Beach and Conimicut Point Beach.

There is a lot of history, culture, and entertainment to enjoy in Warwick. There is so much to see and do in Warwick, from its beautiful beaches to its bustling downtown. 

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  • "I was so pleased with the service."
    "I was so pleased with the service. Right on time and very courteous. They did exactly what they said they would no hidden agenda it was the best experience"
    - Lisa grant
  • "I am very impressed by the work done for us by the All Dry team!"
    "I am very impressed by the work done for us by the All Dry team! They were quick to respond, knowledgeable, careful and made sure that the work was done thoroughly. Highly recommend them."
    - Betsy
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