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The mission of All Dry, a full-service mold removal company, is to provide each and every one of our customers with excellent services. We understand the gravity of the problem and are committed to helping you remove mold as quickly and safely as possible. All Dry is a trustworthy and knowledgeable mold removal company with a team of highly trained professionals who assures the finest results.

For All Dry, getting rid of mold is a top priority. The use of chemical treatments and high-pressure vacuums are just two of the methods we use to remove mold from your home.

We are aware that mold is a significant health threat and may have negative effects on our health. Because of this, when removing mold, we take additional safety precautions. Specialized air filters and protective gear are used to keep the air pure and our team safe while working. We also use fans and dehumidifiers to reduce the level of moisture in the air and prevent further mold development.

At All Dry, we also provide services like water damage restoration and additional procedures like odor removal that may help prevent mold from returning, and ensure no sign of mold damage is left behind in your Juno Beach home or business.


Our staff of experts has the expertise to identify, assess, and effectively eliminate mold from any structure. We acknowledge that mold removal is a crucial process that should only be carried out by trained experts. We take a proactive approach to eradicating the mold and make sure we do it correctly the first time in order to prevent mold from coming back after the removal process has been completed.

Our company wants to give our customers the finest service possible, therefore we work hard to perform your mold remediation tasks right the first time. We work with the latest methods and technologies, and we’re always here to help with any questions that you might have.

We offer 24/7/365 emergency services, so that we can be there for you when you need us most. Our trustworthy and dependable team will provide you with customer care and mold removal services that are second-to-none.


After determining the source of the issue and the scope of growth, we will come up with a strategy to safely eradicate the mold. We use a variety of techniques that are approved and customary in the industry to ensure that the work is completed to the highest standard.

Along with mold remediation services, we also provide odor removal and water damage repair, which may be helpful or necessary when you have found mold in your home or business.


At All Dry, we recognize the value of mold cleanup and the urgency with which the process must be completed. Mold is an extremely significant hazard to your home or place of business because it spreads quickly, causes health issues, and harms the structure.

Anytime mold is discovered or believed to be present in a house or place of business, mold remediation must be performed. You should act quickly to stop future damage or health risks if you detect any evidence of mold, such as musty odors, evident mold growth, or high humidity.

In order to help you and ensure that your home is secure and mold-free, All Dry provides comprehensive mold clean up services. Mold treatment may be a challenging and unpleasant process, so we work to make it as simple and painless for our customers as we can. You can count on our team of trained specialists to safely and efficiently address the problem and restore safe and healthy conditions to your home or place of business.

Your house or place of business may have mold and other fungus both inside and outside. It is unsafe for those that come in contact with it and develops in damp, dark environments. Open windows, doors, vents, and other openings in a building are all ways that mold spores might get into a residence or place of business. If the spores aren’t swiftly and effectively eliminated after they’ve entered, they might quickly grow and create a hazardous situation.

Mold can trigger a variety of health complications, such as headaches and migraines, sneezing, irritation of the skin, and coughing. It may additionally compromise the structure of a building, resulting in the need for expensive and lengthy repairs.


Mold spores are present in the air all around us, and all they require to start growing is the ideal balance of temperature, moisture, and organic material. A high level of moisture is the main cause of indoor mold. This can be caused by water leaks, floods, high humidity, condensation, and airborne water vapor, among other things. 

Additionally, a lack of ventilation might encourage the development of mold. Poor ventilation provides the perfect setting for the growth of mold and mildew. Without sufficient air circulation, moisture has nowhere to escape, leaving surfaces and walls wet and potentially increasing the humidity in your home.

Having structural issues can also result in the growth of mold. When there are window, wall, or foundation cracks, for example, this can allow excess water or moisture to enter the property, thus resulting in mold growth.


We’ve probably all heard tales of the harm that mold may cause. It may even result in health issues and cause significant structural damage to our homes. There are three main classifications of mold, and each one affects people differently:

  1. Pathogenic: Leads to infections and may exacerbate pre-existing medical issues.
  2. Allergenic: A common classification of mold that exacerbates allergy symptoms like hives, itchy eyes and/or skin, respiratory discomfort, fever, etc.
  3. Toxic: A harmful type of mold that causes more significant health effects such as a weakened immune system, liver disease, harm to the central nervous system, hormone imbalance, and more. 

Molds come in many varieties, and many of them may be found in our houses. Here are a few of the most typical kinds.

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Real Stories From REAL CLIENTS
  • "We generated enough jobs to exceed our break even for the first month by nearly 100%"
    "I just wanted to let you all know that through yesterday evening, my 6th day in business, we generated enough jobs to exceed our break even for the first month by nearly 100%. I am amazed...Thank you for creating this opportunity."
    - Tim Belisle Owner, All Dry Services of East Tennessee
  • "I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to help me begin this journey."
    "The highest praise I can give the training and onboarding I received with the team at All Dry is this; I was able to come from a place of very limited knowledge regarding the mold and water restoration industry and build my business into a ..."
    - Jim Wessel Owner, All Dry Services of Rostraver
  • "Professionals That Care"
    "After our home was damaged, it was a devastating experience for me and my family. My first, call after filing a claim, was to a restoration company. My understanding, these companies operate on a rotating basis. All Dry contacted me the ..."
    - Ed Mullin
  • "Major League vs T ball"
    "My office was damaged by a flood from a neighboring suite. All Dry came and had the walls opened and drying immediately. Another company went next door. The difference between All Dry and the others was major league vs T ball. The other ..."
    - Bruce Stevens
  • "Treat You Like Family"
    "Amazing customer service, super friendly and informative professionals you can trust. I had a leak that caused mold from water damage, and they put my worries to rest with their quick response time concise solutions and more importantly my ..."
    - Neal Adams
  • "Did a Great Job"
    "JB and Gary did a great job in taking care of my problem after extensive water damage in my kitchen. They responded quickly and were extremely professional and knowledgeable. They kept me well informed from the start and throughout the ..."
    - Melinda Rivera
  • "Clean Up was Immaculate"
    "I recently had a fire in the back of my kitchen stove. Smoke and flames made a terrible mess. My daughter called All Dry Services and they were to come later in afternoon of fire. Three young men were knowledgeable, courteous and ..."
    - Debbie Worley
  • "After more than 10 years of mold and septic backups, I was elated!"
    "I don't write many reviews but when a company provides such outstanding service, I want people to know! I've had multiple septic backups so I have experience with several companies. After the last backup, Servpro didn't show up or call! I ..."
    - Julie Willett
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Mold can damage your property, cause a range of health problems, and be cause for concern in both homes and businesses. Removing mold without the assistance of a specialized mold removal business might be challenging and can lead to a range of problems if the mold is not properly and completely removed. For all of our customers in the area of Juno Beach, Florida, All Dry is committed to providing the best mold cleanup services.

As a reputable mold removal company, our staff has years of experience finding mold and getting it removed from your house, place of business, or office. We employ a variety of methods to completely eradicate the mold and ensure that it won’t return. Since there is no exact solution for all mold removal situations, we are happy to say that we can tailor the procedure to meet your requirements.

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