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Citrus Heights is a vibrant community in the Sacramento metropolitan area. It is known for its friendly neighborhoods and thriving local businesses. However, the city is not without its challenges. Its proximity to the Reservoir and heavy rain in the winters means it faces a risk of flooding. Additionally, the area also faces issues with mold, hazardous materials, and more.

At All Dry, we are aware of these challenges. We offer comprehensive restoration and cleanup services for homeowners and businesses.

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All-Inclusive Cleanup Services in Citrus Heights, CA

Water Damage Restoration

Water damage can happen anywhere, anytime. A burst pipe or heavy rain can leave your home or business flooded. If left unchecked, water damage can lead to severe problems such as mold. At All Dry Services, we offer comprehensive water damage restoration services. We'll assess the situation and identify the source of the leak. Once we're done, we will develop a customized plan to remove the water and dry your property thoroughly.

Mold Removal Services

Mold growth can compromise you and your loved one's health. If you suspect mold in your property, don't hesitate to call us. Our certified mold removal specialists in Citrus Heights will safely remove the mold using advanced remediation techniques.

Fire Damage Restoration

Fire is a devastating event, leaving behind structural damage and ash. At All Dry Services, we can help you pick up the pieces. Our fire damage restoration experts will assess the damage, remove debris safely, and address smoke and soot contamination. We will help ensure your home or business is safe and functional again.

Smoke Damage Restoration

Even a minor fire can cause smoke damage. Smoke residue can permeate walls, ceilings, and belongings. This often leaves an unpleasant odor that can cause respiratory problems. All Dry Services of Sacramento can help. Our smoke damage restoration services include deodorization and cleaning. We use advanced techniques to remove smoke particles and neutralize lingering odors. Our team ensures your home or business is fresh and clean once again.

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage backups are messy and hazardous. If you experience a sewage backup, call our professionals for a safe and effective cleanup. Our technicians will remove contaminated materials and disinfect the affected area. We will restore your property to a healthy and sanitary condition.

Storm Damage Restoration

Heavy rain, hail, and wind in Sacramento can damage your roof, siding, and windows. This damage can lead to water infiltration and further problems inside your home. All Dry Services of Sacramento is prepared to work with you on a complete restoration plan.

Leak Detection Services

Hidden leaks can cause extensive damage without you even realizing it. Don't let the problem get out of hand with our experts. We use advanced technology to pinpoint hidden leaks early on. This will save you money and hassle.

Hazardous Material Clean-Up

If you encounter hazardous materials on your property, don't attempt to clean them up yourself. Hazardous materials can be toxic or flammable, posing a serious health risk. Let our experts handle it. We have the training and equipment to remove dangerous materials safely.

All Dry Services Restoration and Cleanup Difference

Since 2014, All Dry Services has been dedicated to helping homeowners and businesses with post-disaster recovery. Our certified technicians are committed to using the latest restoration and cleanup techniques. We know that disasters don't wait for business hours, nor do we. Our team is ready to respond 24/7. We focus on a customer-centric restoration approach, working closely with you to ensure complete satisfaction.

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If you're dealing with water, sewage, or hazardous material damage in Sacramento, California, don't wait. All Dry has got you covered. We offer prompt, professional, and reliable restoration and cleanup services.

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FAQs: Restoration and Cleanup Services in Citrus Heights, CA

What types of restoration services does All Dry offer in Citrus Heights?

We specialize in water damage restoration, fire damage restoration, mold remediation, and general disaster cleanup services.

Are your restoration services available 24/7?

Yes, we understand emergencies happen. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for immediate response.

Does All Dry work with insurance companies?

Absolutely. We have extensive experience working directly with insurance adjusters to streamline your claims process.

Can All Dry help with mold removal and prevention?

Yes, we have certified mold remediation experts who can safely remove existing mold and offer solutions to prevent it from returning.

What areas besides Citrus Heights does All Dry serve?

We provide restoration services throughout Sacramento County and the surrounding areas.

Don't let damage disrupt your life. Our prompt and professional restoration services in Citrus Heights are here to help. Request a service online or call (916) 507-1533 now.

Real Stories From REAL CLIENTS
  • "I hope to never have to use a restoration company again but if I do they would be my only call."
    "We had flooding under the house from a leak in the pool which ended up causing some mold growth in the house. Adrian and Emiliano came out the next day and worked up an estimate. Access under the house was horrible and no other companies bothered to take a deep dive but they did without hesitation. Work was started shortly after and they were fast and very efficient. Communication was excellent all throughout the process. I hope to never have to use a restoration company again but if I do they would be my only call."
  • "They are prompt, nice and made me feel at ease during this stressful occurrence."
    "I will definitely use them again they are prompt, nice and made me feel at ease during this stressful occurrence. Thank you!"
    - Pamela Alves
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