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What Qualifies as a Biohazard?

What Qualifies as a Biohazard?

Defining a Biohazard

The term biohazard refers to waste with the potential to harm humans through disease or chemical damage. While some may think that biohazards are all organic in nature, artificial biohazards such as chemicals and needles do exist. Unlike other messes, biohazards require specialized training and equipment to effectively remove from your property. If left unattended, biohazards can spread viruses and bacteria throughout your home or cause dangerous chemical reactions.

What Creates Biohazardous Waste in Your Home?

A lot of residential disasters can leave biohazardous materials in their wake. Flooding can wash organic debris into your home or cause mold growth, sewage disasters can leave pools of waste around your property, and high winds from storms can cause volatile chemicals to spill. Learn to recognize potential biohazards so that you can know when to call the professionals.

Common Home Biohazards Include:

  • Sewage
  • Animal waste
  • Mold
  • Mildew
  • Chemical spills
  • Blood and bodily fluids

Biohazards VS Medical Waste

Many professional institutions draw a clear line between biohazards and medical waste. While medical waste is technically a type of biohazards, the term specifically refers to waste that is a product of medical testing or procedures. The primary concern with this type of waste is infection. If you or a loved one is seriously ill, or experiences trauma, the supplies that you use during that time will need to be disposed of properly to prevent others from being infected.

Medical Waste Includes:

  • Medical supplies like needles, scalpels, and IV tubes
  • Personal protective equipment
  • Discarded medication
  • Items known to be contaminated by viruses

Don’t Deal with Biohazards Alone

Attempting to deal with biohazards or medical waste on your own can make you vulnerable to chemical burns, infections diseases, and other health risks. A professional cleaning crew has the training and protective equipment to ensure your property is truly safe, and our cleaning methods will not put you in danger. A qualified restoration team will ensure that no lingering hazards are lurking on your property, so you can feel confident that the people you care about will be safe.

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