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Mold Removal Services, Servicing the Cape Coral, FL, Area

All Dry is a leading mold removal company proudly serving the Cape Coral, FL community. We specialize in providing reliable, fast, and efficient mold removal and mold remediation services that ensure the safety and health of our customers. Mold presents a serious health hazard, affecting the quality of indoor air and causing various health complications. Our professional team works diligently to eliminate this unwanted guest, restoring cleanliness, comfort, and health to your property.

We set the bar high when it comes to mold remediation services, having garnered years of experience and deeply enriched expertise. We offer a wide array of services, which include Mold Clean up, Mold Remediation, Black Mold Removal, General Mold Removal, and Water Damage Related Mold Removal. Our aim is to restore our clients’ properties to its original state or even better as well as minimizing the adverse effects of mold to their health.


Mold Clean Up


Mold clean up is one of our primary specialty services in Cape Coral, FL. The presence of mold in your property can cause endless frustration, and we are here to help you regain control of your space. A combination of innovative techniques and the use of state-of-the-art equipment and the latest and greatest cleaning materials enable us to offer comprehensive mold cleanup services. Through our precise and strategic protocols, we eliminate mold while preventing it from spreading further, resulting in a clean and safe living or working space.

Mold Remediation

Our mold remediation service isn’t just about removing the mold in your property, but also taking preventive measures to ensure such infestations do not reoccur. Here at All Dry, we prioritize understanding the root cause of the mold. Whether the mold formation is due to leaks, high humidity, floods, or condensation, we employ advanced techniques to identify, isolate, and address the underlying problem.

Black Mold Removal

One of the most dangerous types of mold is black mold, also known as Stachybotrys chartarum. Long-term exposure to black mold can lead to serious health issues including chronic sinus infection, allergies, and asthma. Our specialized black mold removal service in Cape Coral, FL, will completely remove this pest from your property. We concentrate on the source, thoroughly remove black mold growth, and apply solutions that prohibit future black mold growth. We understand the urgency of these situations, so our emergency response team is always ready for immediate action.  

Mold Removal

Aside from black mold, we also deal with other types of molds that can equally result in dangerous health issues. Whether you are experiencing mold problems in your basement, attic, bathroom, kitchen, or any other area in your property, our team at All Dry will handle it with ease. We will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your property to gauge the extent of contamination then implement safe, verified mold removal methods. Rest assured, your property will be mold-free once we’ve completed our work.

Water Damage Related Mold Removal

Mold typically thrives in moist or damp areas which makes water-damaged properties a perfect breeding ground. Our water damage related mold removal service in Cape Coral, FL is aimed at completely restoring your property by eliminating any existing mold caused by water damage. We also have a dedicated team of water damage restoration professionals who accurately identify concealed water sources and carry out proper restoration processes to prevent mold from returning. We believe in providing a timely response to water damage to prevent further unnecessary costs or health risks.

At All Dry, we are entirely committed to ensuring that Cape Coral, FL remains a healthy place to live or work in. We strive to provide top-tier mold removal services that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Our primary concern is and will always be the health and wellbeing of our customers. We believe that taking a proactive approach to these matters by hiring our professional team is essential to ensure that your property regains its original charm, and the negative health issues affiliated with mold invasion are kept at bay.

What Sort Of Damage Can Mold Cause To Your Home?

At All Dry, a leading mold remediation company servicing Cape Coral, Florida, we’ve seen firsthand the extensive damage mold can cause to homes. Beyond the visible, unattractive appearance on walls and other surfaces – drywalls, furniture, floors, ceilings, and window sills – mold significantly compromises the structural integrity of your home over time.

Mold in your home can lead to dry rot, weakening the structural supports of your property. It typically triggers decay in wooden structures, dramatically reducing their durability. Aside from wood, mold can compromise various other materials, including carpets, insulation, and even concrete. Left unchecked, this can lead to a significant need for repair and even reconstruction, with associated costs that can be substantial.

One often overlooked aspect of mold infestation is the slow degeneration of your home’s HVAC system. Mold spores circulating within your home can find their way into vents, filters, and deep into your cooling or heating systems, clogging them, reducing their efficiency, or outright damaging them.

It is imperative to factor in the health risks posed by mold infestations. Prolonged exposure can lead to respiratory symptoms, including coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing; allergic reactions; and even severe health conditions like asthma and other lung diseases.

Our mission at All Dry is to prevent and detect water damage as early as possible. With Florida’s humid climate, especially here in Cape Coral, mold growth can be aggressive. We continually educate homeowners about these potential risks and the harmful effects of mold, stressing the need for immediate professional mold remediation services. 

As a full-service mold remediation company, our team is trained to not only resolve the existing mold problem but also pinpoint its source and offer solutions to prevent future occurrences. From damaged roofs allowing leaks to humidity control for an overly damp space, we’re committed to keeping Cape Coral homes safe from the dangers of mold growth. 

In summary, the damage to your home from mold isn’t solely aesthetic; it also poses significant structural and health threats. Therefore, regular inspections accompanied by professional remediation from experts like All Dry are paramount for a mold-free home.

Why Choose All Dry As Your Mold Removal Company Near Cape Coral, FL, Above The Rest?

My All Dry - Restoration ServicesAs a residential or commercial property owner in Cape Coral, FL, situations that demand professional mold removal services can strike when you least expect them to. This unsightly menace may silently threaten the health of building occupants and the structural integrity of the property if not handled appropriately and quickly. Since mold does not wait, why should you? This is where All Dry steps in – a reliable mold remediation partner, always ready 24/7/365 to attend to all your emergency mold issues. But why should you choose All Dry over the other options available in the city?

We Are Here To Fight Mold 24/7/365

At All Dry, we are acutely aware of the devastating impact mold can have on properties and lives alike, so we stand by your side ready to spring into action with our round-the-clock mold remediation services. Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, weekday or weekend, mid-work hour or festive holidays – when you spot mold, we will be there to help you. Our team is always on standby so that no call for help goes unanswered, ensuring that each hour of the 365 days in the year is made safe from the menace that is mold.

Personalized And Attentive Customer Service

Here at All Dry, we pride ourselves in creating not just safe properties but positive experiences too. Having mold in your property could make you anxious, unsure of what to do next, and our team is well aware that it is a stressful situation. Our team aims to ease that panic with supportive & caring customer service that is the foundation of our business. Every call  is met with understanding and helpful guidance. We believe every interaction with our customers must inform them about the solution to their mold issues through clear communication and reliable support. Our vision has always been to build healthy spaces and relationships.

Your One-Stop Restoration Shop

Mold and water damage often go hand in hand since moist environments serve as a breeding ground for mold. At All Dry, we offer comprehensive solutions under one umbrella. Be it water-related incidents like a sudden leak, a major flood, or the recurring humidity issues made worse by Florida’s hot and humid climate – We can expertly handle all of your restoration needs. Our team of diligent experts promptly gets to work right away, drying and sanitizing the area, and finally restoring it to its pre-damaged state. 

Treating water damage in conjunction with mold is a step towards preventive maintenance, effectively mitigating future mold outbreaks. This highly effective solution of tackling the root cause first saves you considerable time, hassle, and money.

Extensive Knowledge & Experience In The Industry

Mold remediation is much more than just ‘cleaning.’ It’s about knowing what makes mold tick- which building materials it has contaminated, treating it appropriately, and more importantly – preventing its recurrence. Our technicians carry out every task meticulously, adhering to a proven procedure that includes but is not limited to conducting a thorough assessment, isolating the affected area, removing contaminated material, and disinfecting the area working toward the elimination of the problem.

The backbone of All Dry services is undeniably our team of mold remediation professionals, each well-versed with industry best practices, combined with in-the-field practical knowledge. With years of experience under their belt, they provide services that are characterized by quality, effective problem-solving, and expert craftsmanship. Armed with their expansive industry knowledge, our staff shares insightful tips with our clients to create a healthier and safer indoor environment.

Choosing All Dry means choosing reliable emergency mold remediation services that are backed by extensive industry knowledge, trained technicians, and empathetic customer service. Our objective is not just to provide mold removal services but to provide solutions that last a lifetime, creating mold-free healthy spaces you deserve. Trust All Dry for a service that is complete, comprehensive, compassionate, and, most importantly, committed to making your home comfortable and worry-free, driving us to be an industry leader in Cape Coral, FL. Choose us; we choose your safety, health, and happiness every time. Give us a call today to learn more about us or to begin the mold remediation process.

The All Dry Water Damage Restoration Process


As we prepare to repair water damage on your property, the first step is to look over the affected areas to determine what level of damage has been done to the property. Our team will make sure areas that are not necessarily obvious to the naked eye haven’t incurred damage.


Once we know what affects the water has had on the property, we can start the water damage cleanup. Areas that have experienced irreversible damage may need to be removed, such as drywall, carpeting, and flooring. At All Dry we have all the tools and expertise needed to remove these damaged parts of the home to prevent further harm. Additionally, we will continue to make sure the foundational structure of the property has not been compromised. While working, we will be sure to cover up windows and other exposed areas.

Time To Contact All Dry

My All Dry - Restoration Services
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As soon as you know, or suspect, that your home or business has experienced water damage that you may not be able to handle on your own, it is time to contact All Dry. This can be a daunting task and you do not have to take it on by yourself. Contact the professionals at All Dry with over a decade of repairing water damage in Cape Coral, FL

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About The City of Cape Coral, FL

Cape Coral, Florida, is a vibrant and beautiful city located on the Gulf of Mexico. This city is popularly known as the ‘Waterfront Wonderland’ as it offers a plethora of water-based activities and attractions due to its unique geography comprising numerous lagoons, canals and access to the Caloosahatchee River. In fact, Cape Coral holds the record for having more miles of canals than anywhere else in the world, making it a paradise for boating enthusiasts.

Established in 1957, Cape Coral has witnessed rapid growth and development. It is now the largest city in Southwest Florida and the largest between Tampa and Miami. With an area of 120 square miles, the city features an inviting mix of suburban living, natural beauty, and commercial areas; it counts with a myriad of experiences to encounter, from dockside dining on fresh scallops to hiking the surrounding nature trails.

Cape Coral’s climate can be described as tropical savannah, showcasing sunny weather perfect for outdoor recreation. Living in this city, you have year-round access to activities like fishing, golfing, kayaking, and birdwatching.

Apart from its natural attractions, Cape Coral shines in terms of its vibrant culture too. It hosts various festivals celebrating arts, music, and culture, including the massive Cape Coral Festival of the Arts, which showcases local and national artists every January, and the Oktoberfest, drawing thousands each year to enjoy German culture, music and food.

A paradise filled with stunning waterfront properties, incredible wildlife, and countless opportunities for adventure or relaxation, Cape Coral affords a high quality of life that many Floridians pine for. With exceptional amenities, from inclusive parks to well-kept golf courses and trendy shopping centers, Cape Coral, Florida is a thriving, energetic city that holds vast appeal to both residents and tourists alike. Its allure isn’t just in its sparkling waters, but in the sociable community and the laid-back lifestyle it promotes.

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Mold Remediation,
Removal & Inspection Services

Finding mold in your home or business can cause great distress to you and those around you. It is well known that exposure to mold can cause serious health problems, but did you know it can cause extensive damage to your property as well? Mold eats away at whatever surface is exposed to it, and should be taken very seriously. That is why mold removal and mold remediation should be a top priority when you find mold lurking in your residential or commercial property.

Mold Removal in Kenner, LA

If you are in need of black mold removal, All Dry can help. Taking on mold removal on your own can be a risky task. Not only are you being exposed to the harmful mold spores, but since mold travels through the air as spores, it is very easy to actually spread the mold through your property without proper training and expertise. Our mold clean up experts will identify the source of the mold and work diligently to remove it completely. Take control of your health and protect your property by contacting All Dry for emergency mold removal services today.

Let Us Assist You With Getting Your Property Back To Normal.
Let Us Assist You With Getting Your Property Back To Normal.

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Smoke Restoration

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